Duke Weatherization Program

i58 is pleased to announce that we are officially a service provider of Duke Energy’s Income-Qualified Weatherization Program. This program reduces energy consumption for income-qualified customers by directly installing energy-efficient measures and providing education on energy efficiency.

i58 realizes home efficiency is the first step in insuring bills are kept under control. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unable to take the necessary steps to make their homes more efficient. That’s where i58 steps in. We will work closely with residents to determine which services they qualify through this program.

The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive weatherization/efficiency measures to the greatest number of customers in the Duke Energy Carolinas (DEC) service territory. The three areas of the program are listed below:

  • Weatherization
  • Refrigerator Replacement
  • HVAC system upgrades/replacements

Whenever possible and cost effective, homes shall be thoroughly insulated and air sealed, thus achieving the greatest gain in energy conservation and improved comfort.

The Federal Income Limits for the Program are as listed below for the number of people living in the household:

Family SizeAnnual Income 200% FPL

The application can be downloaded below. The second form is only needed if you are renting your home.