Home Ownership

Become a First Time Home Owner

Do you dream of owning your own home someday? Our team of trainers, coaches and mentors are here to help.

i58 can help you:

Know what is required for home ownership
Navigate the banking and mortgage process
Develop the critical skills for success
Match you with the right home

We focus on the following skills and training:

Credit History & Score
We will help you find and improve your scores.
Employment History
We can assist you in finding employment opportunities.
Job Skills
If additional skills can help you find employment or increased opportunity then we can help.
Criminal Records
We can help you recover from past mistakes so you can move on with life.
Financial Training
We provide money management training in budgeting, bank accounts, emergency funds, debt reduction, and so much more.
Maintenance & Repairs
We help you learn how to prevent damage and maintain a house so your new house will last a lifetime.

Estimated Monthly Payments

These are estimated amounts and may vary with each individual.

House Payment: $294
Taxes: $43/month
Insurance: $45/month
Power: $95/month
Water: $65/month
Total Monthly Payment: $542

Loan estimated based on a 30 year finance of $56,000 with $2,000 closing cost at 4.5% interest. The house is appraised for $70,000 and discounted through our i58 forgivable second mortgage program.

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