About Us

Our Name

The “i” stands for Isaiah and “58” is for chapter 58. In Isaiah 58, God promises that if His people will take care of those in need, then His light will break out like the dawn. He will refresh them and they will rebuild the ancient ruins and build on the age old foundations so that they can be called the repairers of the streets in which they dwell. That is our vision for Chester.

Our Assignment

i58’s assignment is to empower low to moderate income individuals through community revitalization initiatives such as housing, neighborhood beautification, and family services.

Our Strategy

We take a holistic approach to neighborhood development. We build new affordable energy efficient homes on forfeited land to reclaim properties. We rehab homes for low income home owners to improve living conditions. We train homeowners to own and maintain their home so they can be an asset to their neighborhood.

Why East Chester?

We looked for a place where we could settle down, grow roots, build relationships, and make a long-term investment so hope could shine on every street. East Chester was that place. We are now able to spread our services beyond East Chester while continuing our original commitments.

Our Partners